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Mixing Insulin?

Are you mean't to mix Levemir & Humalog in one syringe?

I've got fed up with my Insulin Pump, especially in bed, when I can't sleep in the heat and getting tied up in the wire

I've got back to MDI for a bit, have been mixing the two in the morning and at night to save two injections.


Also, how long does levemir last? in your body I mean.

No you can't mix the two together, mixing the two makes them unstable and may make them less effective, something to do with the pH difference between the two insulin's.

Thanks Nigel
I'll stop it now and have them seperate.
Hi candi-girl

The following is potentially going to cause see confusion but in a nut shell the jury is still out regarding whether Levemir (Insulin Detemir) and Humalog (Insulin Lispro) can be mixed together and injected.
Even health care professionals have been unable to come to an overall consensus on what to advise.

¡°If you are treated with Levemir and another insulin/s you should use a separate delivery device for each type of insulin injected.¡± (NovoNordisk 2005)

¡° Levemir requires two injections a day but it can be mixed in the same syringe with any of the rapid acting analogues.¡± (Walsh et al Using Insulin 2004 page 105)

With regard to the pH - Levemir pH 7.4 Humalog pH 7-7.8 therefore mixing it should make little difference.
Always draw up the rapid acting analogue first.
Some users have reported problems with the Levemir slowing down the action of whatever it was mixed with.

The only insulin that is not advised for mixing with another insulin is Lantus (Insulin Glargine) - pH 4 because of the different pH, and if you mix it with another insulin of a normal ph it will degrade faster.

There are several studies on mixing Levemir with Novorapid (Insulin Aspart)and interestingly the outcome was completely different in these two studies:

¡°Mixing Levemir (Insulin Detemir) with Novorapid (Insulin Aspart) resulted in a 40% reduction in the bioavailability and peak concentration of the latter agent.¡± Hussar 2006

¡° Insulin detemir mixed with aspart had equivalent effects on blood glucose versus giving them as separate injections." Nguyen 2010

Confusing isn¡¯t it

As to how long does Levemir last ¨C that is really going to be determined by your own use of it and playing detective as to how long it lasts in you
Duration: Up to 18 hours (Coopen 2007)
18-22 hours (Diabetes Daily)
10-14 hours (Medscape)
Peaking action is considered to be 3-9 hours (although peaking action is not pronounced).

Hope the above might help.

Best wishes

Yeah, definitely wouldn't mix lantus as it basically crystallises under the skin in order to maintain a 24 hour action. How come it's so acidic though? No wonder so many people say it stings!
Thanks, all I can say is, glad i've put my pump back on!
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