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Gestational Diabetes Questionnaire?

My name is Carl Krynicki and I am a student at the University of Leicester. I am currently undertaking research into psychological factors that are associated with Gestational Diabetes. Please follow the link to complete this questionnaire. This questionnaire doesnĄ¯t take too long to complete. I am particularly interested in looking at South Asian women but I will need respondents from all ethnic backgrounds, so everyone is welcome to take part. The questionnaire has been adapted from previous questionnaires and has received ethical approval from the University of Leicester Ethical Committee.

Thank you,

Carl Krynicki

Thanks to everyone who have already completed the questionnaire. However, I just need a few more participants to make my results significant. Please note that if you only complete some of the questionniare, I will not be able to use the data.


Hi, I have nearly got all of the participants needed but I just need a few more to complete the questionnaire. Remember, if you start the survey, please finish it and complete all of the questions honestly. Thank you to all those who have already started the questionnaire.

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